Volunteer Information
Volunteering in the Clemmons West neighborhood is a vital part of the strength and comfort the neighborhood provides.  The neighborhood and the Homeowners Association (HOA) was established in the early part of the 1980's as a non-profit, volunteer based association. All Clemmons West homeowners are members, however, to be a member in good standing, one must pay their annual dues, currently $45 per year (2023).  The more members the community has, the more financial strength we have to be able to not only meet the current annual expenses, but provide extra events and offerings to the neighborhood.  
In order to combat the increase in expenses and stretch the monies we have, it is more important than ever before to depend on volunteers to help drive and support the events and offerings the HOA provides.  The more people that get involved and participate volunteering in the neighborhood, even in the smallest ways, the greater the benefit there will be to not only you, but to the community and neighborhood you live in.  If you can help in some small way, please contact the President or Vice President with your availability.
No matter what your talent, skill or interest, there is plenty of opportunity for you to volunteer!  The Neighborhood host 7-8 events a year, maintains this website, manages and oversees the common area and entrance signs, manages and provides membership drives and administration, new home owner welcoming, and much more.  Are you a videographer, photographer, or graphics artist? We are always looking for ways to capture moments and share it through our website and social media channels.  
Many hands make for light work
Volunteering is much more than just helping out by donating a little bit of your time, talent or skill.  There is a significant benefit to both your physical and mental health.  Read about all of the personal benefits and get involved today!!
To begin volunteering today, simply start by reaching out to us and sharing your interest.  Click here to explore upcoming Clemmons West volunteer requests, then send a message here.