Pay HOA Dues
On behalf of the Clemmons West Homeowners Association (CWHOA), welcome to the neighborhood!
If you haven’t already, please consider supporting our neighborhood association and contributing a nominal fee of $45.00 (annual) today.  This contribution is very important because it not only helps maintain the entrances to our neighborhood, but also provides great events throughout the year for our members in good standing to enjoy.  It also pays to host this website, a great source of information, with special paid member content.
Consider joining our Facebook Group @ Clemmons West with over 1,100 people!  You'll get familiar with names and faces and you'll make friends in no time as you find common ground in the people here.   Our group shares a lot of social information about Clemmons & Clemmons West.  We hope you will discover our neighborhood community looks out for one another, whether it is a lost pet or recommendations for home repair or service.  We have some very specific Facebook groups to discover, too.
All of the people in the CW HOA are volunteers.  We were all once just like you - we showed up for events but never got involved with pulling them together.  We need you!  You too, can volunteer to help the HOA.  The level of commitment is minor and the rewards are great! We feel our best ideas come from our new residents who can pull from their experience living elsewhere.  Dates of our meetings and community activities will be announced and posted on this site under UPCOMING EVENTS  and CALENDAR on this website and on our Facebook group page.  Attend the next meeting to discover a great way to have fun, get to know your neighbors, and make a difference in your new neighborhood.  Find out ways you can volunteer under the tab "Volunteer Opportunities".
Clink the blue link to print out the membership form, pay by check, Paypal or Venmo.   (If paying electronically, please still mail in your invoice form to the address below.  Notate it "PAID with VENMO or PAYPAL and date paid.)
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Homeowners Association or more specifically membership, please email -
Clemmons West Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 386
Clemmons, NC 27012